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I received an incredible and exclusive offer when visiting one of the Arab countries.
I was invited to secretly visit the harem of the local sheikh. The company guarantees an unforgettable experience and thrill ...
Everything happened as in the best spy action movies. There was an agreement that they, under the guise of a concubine, would deliver me to the palace, where the harem was kept.
They dressed me in silk like an Arab woman, threw a coverlet over and led me into the courtyard where we had to wait. a minibus drove up, some Bedouins got out, attacked me, quickly tied my hands and feet, closed my mouth with a handkerchief, then blindfolded my eyes and closed our mouth with another handkerchief. Then they laid them on the floor, wrapped them in a carpet, grabbed them in their arms and put them in a minibus and quickly rushed from their seats. the car looped for a long time along the murdered eastern roads. I got lost in time and space. at last they unloaded me and turned me off the carpet, my eyes were free and I saw that I was in an oriental-style room with an abundance of silk curtains, carpets and pillows. A woman, the leader of the kidnappers, entered and said something to her, and went out, closing the door behind herself.
My name is Fatima - a woman introduced herself. Now I will untie you and teach you how to wear clothes and tie a hijab - this is the basis of the basics that you must know and observe before you can appear somewhere in the palace. If they find out that there is a man, they will immediately kill you! She untied the ropes, helped free herself, showed her new silk clothes. I completely undressed and began to put on new clothes, which were very few: a long shirt to the heels and large Arabic silk shawls with colorful intricate patterns.
It was difficult to cope with them, slippery silk strove to slide off until Fatima showed little secrets of taming silk.
I looked at myself in the mirror and saw an Arab concubine wrapped in silk.

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